Boat Painting

We have been painting yachts and boats for over 20 years. Our location is in Fort Lauderdale and we serve. Our hurricane proof concrete shirts are large enough to paint Yachts of to 70 tons in weight we can also paint larger yeah it’s up to 200 feet on the hard or building floating painting enclosures right on the slip we have perfected over the years the application of top brands like all group Paint & M Ron’s Dupont.

There are different types of Marine Paint. On one hand we have your things. These paints have good color retention and gloss and have an estimated life of five to seven years dependent on conditions of the boats location. A good example of this paint is all craft 2000 by International paints. Linear polyurethane have Superior gloss even on dark colors. An example of an lpu Marine Paint is awlgrip by International paints. There are some other types of paints. Dupont is an example of a acrylic polyurethane paint. As for the repairs and touch-ups that necessarily arise during the paint life living your polyurethane is the most difficult paint to touch up, specifically and darker colors. Awlgrip is very difficult to repair as the touch up leaves Edge marks all around that are difficult to blend. Most repairs are performed in urethane based paint is awlcraft 2000 with a match the color. Then the touch-up is Blended by polishing the edge of the repair until the repair is unnoticeable .

Custom Boat Painting

Over the years we have repainted and refinish many yards that one leaving the Boatyard looked brand-new a fresh painted yacht booster value by 10 to 15% and sells much better and faster than a warm beat up looking yet. Our estimates are clear with a deal detailed scope of The Works disclosing known issues and how The yacht is going to be repaired repaired and refinished. Moreover are we finishing works are guaranteed in the writing.