Gel Coat Repair

We have been painting yachts and boats for over 20 years. Our location is in Fort Lauderdale and we serve the entire Southeast Florida region. Our hurricane proof concrete shirts are large enough to paint Yachts of to 70 tons in weight we can also paint larger yachts up to 200 feet on the hard or building floating painting enclosures right on the slip we have perfected over the years the application of top brands like all group Paint & M Ron’s Dupont.

Gel Coat Repair Before & After

Sea Ray yacht Gel Coat repair
Boat Gel Coat repair after
Sea ray yacht gel coat repair
Boat yacht gel coat refinishing fort lauderdale

Gel coats Repairs, Is a polyester Coating That is Applied to the Mold surfaces and becomes an integral part of the finished product.

Available in Various Colors in Cachi Marine we make sure to Match the color Desired. Used to make Fiberglass Reinforced plastic parts and for Repairs to existing Gel Coats Parts.

At Cachi Marine we pride ourselves or our Gel coat Repairs, every step of the process is carefully planned and executed to make sure that our Final product is not just looking good but is functional and durable.